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Marketing of Hedge Funds

A key strategic variable in defining possible roles of an emerging investment force- Third Printing


Matthias Bekier and Matthias Bekier

Hedge funds have recently received significant attention from both media and regulators, getting blamed for everything from causing volatility in the financial system to the collapse of investment banks. This thesis attempts to define hedge funds and make transparent the role they play in the investment system. Particular emphasis is given to understanding the marketing approaches pursued by hedge funds by showing how well they match the needs of private and institutional investors.
Contents: A definition of hedge funds – Risk and performance characteristics of hedge funds relative to other types of investments – Potential substitutes of hedge funds – Target customer segments – Market potential of hedge funds – Needs of different customer groups – Results from institutional investor survey – Marketing approaches pursued by hedge funds – Results from hedge fund survey – Matching marketing approaches with investor needs – Possible new roles for hedge funds.