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Issues in the Theory of Language Acquisition

Essays in Honor of Jürgen Weissenborn

Norbert Dittmar and Zvi Penner

This book offered in tribute to Jürgen Weissenborn brings together ten original contributions from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to cover key issues in current research on language acquisition.
Jürgen Weissenborn is Professor for Psycholinguistics at the University of Potsdam, Germany. After having worked in the fields of semiotics, computational linguistics, and language and space for many years, Jürgen Weissenborn's current research focusses on learnability issues in language acquisition and the emergence of grammatical knowledge in the earliest developmental stages.
The articles contained in this volume explore the formal representation of syntactic features in early grammar, the acquisition of noun phrase structure, the nature of early subordination in production and comprehension, the neurolinguistic aspects of learning syntactic rules, and the question of pragmatic/syntax/lexicon/morphology-interface. This wide range of topics not only reflects Jürgen Weissenborn's broad interest in language acquisition, but also offers a good perspective on ongoing research in the field of language acquisition.
Contents: Norbert Dittmar / Zvi Penner: On Jürgen Weissenborn, Academic Work of Jürgen Weissenborn, A Brief Overview of the Papers in this Volume - Marco Haverkort: Feature Checking and Syntactic Structure: Some Evidence from Language Development and Breakdown - Sharon Armon-Lotem: Mommy Sock in a Minimalist Eye: On the Acquisition of DP in Hebrew - Susan Powers / David Lebeaux: More Data On DP Acquisition - Zvi Penner / Thomas Roeper: Trigger Theory and the Acquisition of Complement Idioms - Angeliek van Hout / Bart Hollebrandse: Aspectual bootstrapping via light verbs - Angela Friederici: Learning syntax: From syntactic preferences to syntactic rules? - Maya Hickmann: On null subjects and other pronouns: syntactic and pragmatic approaches - Michèle Kail / Kleopatra Diakogiorgi: On-line Integration of Morphosyntactic Cues by Greek Children and Adults: A Crosslinguistic Perspective - Ruth Berman: Typological Perspectives on Connectivity - Wolfgang Klein: Assertion and finiteness.