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«Und immer zügelloser wird die Lust»

Constructions of Sexuality in East German Literatures- With special reference to Irmtraud Morgner and Gabriele Stötzer-Kachold

Beth Linklater

Contrary to expectations, sexual constructions in East German literatures are challenging and diverse. They contribute to, and take issue with, developments in aesthetic form and content, enriching and democratising GDR culture. This book provides a thorough survey of East German art from this new perspective, concentrating specifically upon the iconoclastic work of Irmtraud Morgner and Gabriele Stötzer-Kachold. Both authors use the theme of the erotic not simply in order to break taboos, but - and more importantly - to introduce ideas of utopia, identity and feminism into their art.
Contents: This book provides a thorough survey of the role of sexuality in East German literatures. It concentrates specifically upon writing by Irmtraud Morgner and Gabriele Stötzer-Kachold, and examines the feminist nature of the erotic within these works.