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25 Years of Emancipation?

Women in Switzerland 1971-1996

Joy Charnley, Malcolm Pender and Andrew Wilkin

It was not until 1971 that Swiss women acquired the right to vote at federal level. Since then, they have been assuming their rightful role in Swiss public life. Women who exemplify this evolution discuss its various aspects in 25 Years of Emancipation?: two historians examine the struggle for women's suffrage; two sociologists describe the role now played by Swiss women in public life; two leading politicians draw on their experience to assess past difficulties, present achievements and future challenges; several literary specialists assess writing by women since 1971; three Swiss writers and one Scottish writer discuss writing in a minority culture and read from their works and a film director identifies the problems faced by women filmmakers. Drawing on the collective expertise of this range of disciplines, 25 Years of Emancipation? provides a valuable analysis of a period of significant change in Switzerland.
Contents: Joy Charnley, Malcolm Pender, Andrew Wilkin: Introduction - Rosemarie Simmen: Women in Switzerland since 1971: Major Achievements - Minor Changes? - Regina Wecker: The Oldest Democracy and Women's Suffrage: The History of a Swiss Paradox - Brigitte Studer: The Rise of 'Public Woman'-Politics, Citizenship and Gender in the Swiss Debate on Female Suffrage after World War Two - Beatrice von Matt: New Women's Writing in German-speaking Switzerland - Agnès Cardinal: Reclaiming the Past: Recent Writings by German-speaking Swiss Women - Erika Swales: 'Wörter, die man schluckt, werden lebendig': Reflections on Eveline Hasler's Anna Göldin Letzte Hexe - Joy Charnley: Women Writing in French-speaking Switzerland - Andrew Wilkin: New Women's Writing in Italian-speaking Switzerland - Liz Lochhead, Anne Cuneo, Amélie Plume, Isolde Schaad: Writing as a Woman in a Small Country, Round-table Discussion - Joy Charnley, Malcolm Pender, Andrew Wilkin: Interview with Patricia Plattner - Elisabetta Pagnossin Aligisakis: The Current Status of Women in Political Life: Women and Politics in Switzerland since 1971 - Annelies Debrunner: Women in Public Office in Switzerland - Yvette Jaggi: Swiss Women's Long March to Equality.