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Tudor Theatre

«"Let there be covenants...</I>» Convention et Théâtre Acte de la Table ronde VI


André Lascombes

Contents: André Lascombes: Introduction - Victor Bourgy: Ecriture dramatique et conventions - Roberta Mullini: Dialogue and debate in John Heywood's plays: Witty and Witless, The play of love and The Play of the wether - Peter Happé: «Alone in the place»: soliloquy in Magnyfycence, Apius and Virginia and The Spanish Tragedy - Charles Whitworth: Reporting offstage events in early Tudor drama - Howard B. Norland: Kyd's formulation of the conventions of revenge tragedy - Yves Peyré: «Excellent dumb discourse»: le symbolisme des dumb shows de la tragédie élisabéthaine - Michael Hattaway: The representation of consciousness in productions of plays by Marlowe - Jean-Pierre Maquerlot: In medias Res..., ou le respect subversif du code dans Troilus and Cressida - Danielle Bonneau: Du monologue inductif au cadre dramatique: l'exemple de Ben Jonson - Bob Godfrey: Survivals of «place and scaffold» staging in the 16th century - Francis Guinle: Identity and identification: establishing a convention - Nicholas Brooke: Significant doubling in Tudor drama - Greg Walker: The politics and place in Tudor Household Drama - Clare M. Murphy: Sir Thomas More as biography: Convention and innovation in matter and manner - Peter J. Smith: Characterisation and stereotype theatrical convention in The Merchant of Venice.