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Unity and Diversity in the New Europe

Barrie Axford, Daniela Berghahn and Nick Hewlett

This is one of the first multi-disciplinary collections to examine aspects of both the unity and the enormous diversity which characterise contemporary Europe. Covering subjects as varied as the Second World War, advertising, and Romani culture, contributors explore some fascinating areas which often serve to highlight the importance of history, memory, identity and culture in the construction of Europe. In many ways the book is about renewal, but contributors approach the New Europe in a way which acknowledges the complexity of different cultures and identify often hidden obstacles along the path towards European unity. It recognises the importance of formal political, economic and legal frameworks, but also goes beyond them.
Contents: Barrie Axford/Daniela Berghahn/Nick Hewlett: Analysing Unity and Diversity in the New Europe – Georgios Varouxakis: Is the Forgetting of History a Prerequisite for the Emergence of a European ’Imagined Community’? – Sue Wright: Amnesia in the Cause of National Cohesion – John Oswald: The ‘European Idea’ in Albert Camus' Early Political Writing, 1937-1944 – Pieter Lagrou: European Integration and the Legacy of the Second World War – Ulla Spittler/Gerd Knischewski: Coming to Terms with the Past – Jeremy MacClancy: The Predictable Failure of a European Identity – Chris Rumford: ‘Us and them’ in the New Europe – François Nectoux: European Identity and the Politics of Culture in Europe – Helen Kelly-Holmes: Bier, Parfum, Kaas – Richard Huggins: Searching for an Audio-visual Identity – Paul Rich: Identity and Democratisation in Europe – Susan Tebbutt: From Carmen to Coppersmith? – Anne Jäckel: Diversity and Pluralism in European Cinema – Stuart Parkes: In Search of a Way without an Atlas – Stephen Weatherill: Ever More Variable Geometry – Jean-Marc Trouille: The Franco-German Axis in Europe – Jane Freedman: Women in the European Parliament – Jane Elizabeth Decker/Laura Ann Halpin: Interpreting Ireland – John Townsend: France, Europe and the Re-emergence of Liberalism – Moray McGowan: Some Turkish-German Views and Visions of ‘Europa’ – Sue Collard: French Cultural Identity and the End of Exceptionalism – Andreas Musolff: Houses, Circles, and Trains that Must not be Stopped.