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The Rise and Development of Collective Labour Law


The essays in this book are written by recognised experts and provide a comparative overview of the development of labour law in different countries. The book aims to give a concise account of the history of labour law and goes on to provide a critical historiography for each country with supplementary essays on international dimensions. This collection will be of interest to historians, labour lawyers, industrial sociologists and labour economists.
Contents: Jeremy Adelman: Labour Law in Twentieth Century Argentina - Raymond Markey: The Development of Collective Labour Law in Australia, 1788-1914 - Michael M. Hall: Labor and the Law in Brazil - Dale Gibson: Collective Labour Law in Canada 1812-1982: The Branch Plant Has a Few Ideas of Its Own - Norbert Olszak: The Historical Development of Collective Labour Law in France - Anthony Woodiwiss: Colonialism and the Development of Labour Law in Hong Kong - Sheldon Garon: Collective Labor Law in Japan Since 1882 - Susanne Fransson: Freedom of Contract, Parity and Collective Regulation: Collective Labour Law in Sweden - G.S. Shieh: Cultivation, Control and Dissolution: The Historical Transformation of the Labour Union Act of Taiwan, 1911-1990 - Gerry R. Rubin: The Historical Development of Collective Labour Law: The United Kingdom - Katherine Van Wezel Stone: Labor and the American State: The Evolution of Labor Law in the United States - Anthony Woodiwiss: Globalization, Property Relations and the History of Labour Law: The Beginning of a Voyage in? - Bob Hepple: The Historical Development of Collective Labour Law: Comparative Reflections.