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Russia's Place in Europe- A Security Debate

A Security Debate


The book addresses the role of the Russian Federation within the post-Cold War European security architecture. It assesses the Russian foreign and security policy discourse as well as foreign and security policy making. Rather than confronting «Western» and «Russian» positions, the book provides a forum of debate among Russians, reflecting the authentic character of the internal security dialogue. Ukrainian and Belarussian perspectives are included for additional insight into the CIS dimension of Russian foreign and security policy.
The book contains contributions by well-known analysts of Russian foreign and security policy such as Yevgeniy Bazhanov, Aleksey Filitov, Andrey Kortunov, Igor Maximychev, Tatyana Parkhalina, Sergey Rogov, Anatoliy Rozanov, Dmitriy Trenin and others. The contributions are introduced and commented by the editors.
Contents: Andrey Kortunov: Russian National Interests: The State of Discussion - Tatyana Parkhalina: Impacts of Domestic and Regional Factors on Russia's Foreign and Security Policy - Tatyana Yevgeneva: The Myth of the «West» in Russian Political Culture and its Impact on Foreign and Security Policy - Dmitriy Trenin: Reluctant Adaptation: Russia's Security Policy towards New Eastern Europe and the Baltic States - Leonid Bilousov: Ukrainian-Russian Relations and the Debate on NATO Enlargement - Anatoliy Rozanov: Belarus, Russia, and a New European Security Architecture - Aleksey Filitov: Soviet Security Concepts in Historical Retrospective - Yevgeniy Bazhanov: Russian Foreign and Security Policy in its Global Dimension - Sergey Rogov: Security Relations between Russia and the Western World - Igor Maximychev: Russia's Concept of a New European Security Architecture - Vassiliy Sokolov/Andrey Korneev: East-West Cooperation and International Ecological Security.