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Images of Switzerland

Challenges from the Margins


Joy Charnley and Malcolm Pender

Images of Switzerland: Challenges from the Margins, appearing at a time when Swiss identity is under severe pressure, deals with perceptions of Switzerland held by a variety of minority groups. A historical review of attitudes to Jews prior to World War Two precedes chronologically essays on recent perceptions of marginalisation in literature written by women, manifestations of the Fremdarbeiter in German-Swiss literature, the outsider in the work of Lukas Hartmann and socially disadvantaged figures in recent Italian-Swiss writing.
Contents: Joy Charnley: Four Literary Depictions of Foreigners and Outsiders in French-speaking Switzerland - Patrick Kury: Indifference as a Political Programme: Switzerland and the Jews 1933-1945 - Jean-Jacques Marchand: Views of Marginalisation in Recent Works by Alberto Nessi, Giovanni Orelli and Paolo Gir - David Parris: 'Les grandes choses de la vie': Alice Rivaz (1901-1998) - Malcolm Pender: 'Das Eigene' and 'das Fremde': Three Literary Manifestations - Felicity Rash: Outsiders and Outcasts in the Works of Lukas Hartmann.