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A Mirror on the Rhine?

The Nouvelle revue germanique, Strasbourg 1829-1837


Paul Rowe

The reception and evaluation of German culture in France as found in the Nouvelle revue germanique (Strasbourg 1829-1837) and its predecessors, the Bibliothèque allemande (1826) and the Revue germanique (1827), are the main themes of this study. It analyses the review's coverage of German culture and society and shows how this was conditioned by the political, religious and intellectual concerns of the contributors in particular and of French culture in general. This book demonstrates that the Nouvelle revue germanique questioned received ideas about Germany and was one of the most important and accurate contributors to French knowledge of German culture at the height of its influence in France.
Contents: Intellectual context – Publication and readership – Contributors – Aims and methods of the Nouvelle revue germanique – Coverage of German culture and society – Two of the most significant contributions to the review are analysed in particular detail: a translation of Heinrich Heine's Die Harzreise and a series of articles on the philosophy of Hegel.