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Metaphor, Canon and Community

Jewish, Christian and Islamic approaches


Ralph Bisshops and James M. M. Francis

Every religion interprets its metaphors according to a specific model. Such differences tend to be largely determined by dogmatic principles underlying a specific religion. This volume contains a selection of the papers originally delivered at the 25th LAUD-symposium on 'Metaphor and Religion'. It presents the unusual attempt of gathering viewpoints from the three great religions within monotheism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and it includes contributions from renowned authors such as Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, Anna Wierzbicka and Mehmet Aydin. The volume covers a wide range of theological subjects from mysticism to pastoral care. It also contains case studies illustrating the methodology used by today's scholars of metaphor in the field. The volume poses important challenges to mainstream metaphorology. It presents a significant range of discoveries, instances, and new interpretative models. The book, however, not only addresses theorists of metaphor but all students, scholars and religious leaders engaged in cross-religious studies or ecumenical dialogue.
Contents: James Francis: God as Worker - A Metaphor from Daily Life in Biblical Perspective - Robert L. Platzner: In the Cleft of a Rock - Metaphors of Divine Concealment and Disclosure in the Hebrew Bible - Martin Pöttner: Metaphors of Universal Love (Mt. 5:13a, 14a) - Francesca Rigotti: Cultura animi, cultura dei - Worship as Agriculture in Early Christianity - Recep Yaparel: The Role of Religious Symbols and Metaphors in Relation to Positive Mental Health - With a Reference to Islamic Mysticism (Sufism) - Bernd Kuschnerus: «You Yourselves are our Letter» - 2Cor 3 as an Example for the Usage of Metaphor in Paul - Lawrence A. Hoffman: Healing the Sick as an Exercise in Religious Metaphor - Daniel J. Louw: Diagnostic Criteria for an Assessment of God-Images in Pastoral Counselling - Recai Dogan: Metaphorical Expressions in the Prophet Muhammad's Hadith - Anna Wierzbicka: What did Jesus Mean? - The Lord's Prayer Translated into Universal Human Concepts - Marc Z. Brettler: The Metaphorical Mapping of God in the Hebrew Bible - Berel Dov Lerner: Oppressive Metaphor and the Liberating Literal Sense - Mehmet S. Aydin: Al-Ghazâli on Metaphorical Interpretation - Frank Miege: Sacramental Semeiosis - Fragmentary Reflection in Connection with a Semiotic Reconstruction of the Debate between Luther and Zwingli over the Lord's Supper - Ralph Bisschops: Metaphor as the Internalisation of a Ritual - With a Case Study on Samuel Holdheim (1806-1860).