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From Classical Shades to Vickers Victorious: Shifting Perspectives in British German Studies

Papers delivered at the Conference of University Teachers of German, University of Leicester, 6-8 April 1998


Prof. Steve Giles and Peter Graves

The papers collected in this volume reflect the far-reaching changes that have taken place across the spectrum of German studies in UK universities over the last decade or so. The subject areas dealt with range from 'traditional' literary topics with a focus on the classical period through to contemporary film, media and political studies, recent developments in aesthetic and critical theory, translation studies and linguistics. The volume confirms the dynamism and diversity of research in UK German Studies as we approach the millennium.
Contents: Maike Oergel: Overshadowed by Antiquity? British and German Thoughts on the Formation of a Modern Identity 1750-1850 - Richard Littlejohns: When the Saints... The Literary Canon - Derek McCulloch: Haydn in England, Haydn on England: an Austrian at the Court of King George - Heike Bartel: Language of Translation, Language of Poetry: Friedrich Hölderlin's Pindar-Fragmente - Axel Goodbody: From Raabe to Amery: German Literature in Ecocritical Perspective - Robert Atkins: Versions of Reality: Hochhuth's Effis Nacht, Fontane and Spielhagen - Judith Beniston: History and the Holocaust in Hochhuth's Der Stellvertreter - Bill Dodd: Down but Not Out: Dolf Sternberger's Critique of Sprachwissenschaft - Jonathan West: A Functional-notional Grammar of Modern German - Alan Cornell and Ian Roe: A Valency Dictionary for English-speaking Learners of German - Andrew Webber: Kuhle Wampe, or How to Read a Film - Daniela Berghahn: Censorship in GDR Cinema: the Case of Spur der Steine - Rosemary Stott: The Reception of American Cinema in the GDR 1970-1989 - Jean-Marc Trouille: Arte - Franco-German Venture or First Fully-fledged European Channel? - Nigel Thomas: The Role of the Bundeswehr in Post-Unification Germany - David Head and Marianne Howarth: Vickers Victorious? The Sale of Rolls-Royce Cars and Changing Media Perceptions of the Impact of Germany on the UK Business Environment.