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Revelation and Theology

The Knowledge of God in Balthasar and Barth

Roland Chia

This book examines the theological epistemologies of two of this century's most prominent theologians, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Karl Barth. Both theologians responded to modernist theologies by drawing from the best of their own traditions. Both tried to reinstate theology as a true science which takes its object, namely, the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, seriously. They therefore make excellent conversation partners. This book closely traces their arguments as they seek to formulate their understanding of theological knowledge and theological science from a christological and trinitarian perspective, based on the concrete self-disclosure of God in Jesus Christ.
Contents: Part One: The Theological Epistemology of Hans Urs von Balthasar – A Theological Aesthetics – The Unfolding of the Form – Perceiving the Form – Part Two: The Knowledge of God According to Karl Barth – The Knowability of God – The Revelation of God – The Limits and Veracity of Our Knowledge of God – Part Three: Dialogue: Revelation and Theology – Karl Barth and Catholic Analogy – Balthasar and Catalogical Analogy.