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The Transmission of Culture in Western Europe, 1750-1850

Papers Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Foundation of the "Bibliothèque britannique</I> (1796-1815) in Geneva

David M. Bickerton and Judith Proud

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries Geneva was a major crossroads for European cultural exchanges. Its complex linguistic environment, growing anglophilia, renowned philosophical and religious heritage, and increasing stature in the new sciences, made this small city into a market-place for ideas and information as well as for watches and wheat. The foundation in 1796 of a Bibliothèque britannique, which would itself become a formidable encyclopedia of scientific, literary and agronomic knowledge, characterises Geneva's role as cultural agent. This was celebrated in September 1996 at Dartington in England when an international group of scholars met to examine the Bibliothèque britannique's historical role, its dissemination of the works of Jeremy Bentham and Jane Austen, and to place its achievements within a broader context. The papers selected for publication examine not only the Bibliothèque britannique but also the role of contemporary moralising and didactic literature, women's reading and their writings, the interplay of influences in the world of science, the eighteenth-century world of journalism and journalists, and the all-pervasive impact of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Geneva's polymathic son, upon thought, botany, music, and his own posterity.
Contents: David Bickerton: Introduction - Katherine Astbury: Recommended Reading for Women in Germany, France and England 1782-84 - Raymond Birn: Transmitting Rousseau: Print and the Fabrication of a Cultural Icon - Cyprian Blamires: The Bibliothèque britannique and the Birth of Utilitarianism - Alexandra Cook: Propagating Botany: The Case of Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Malcolm Cook: Translating the Fantastic: Cazotte's Diable amoureux - Valérie Cossy: Pride and Prejudice in the Bibliothèque britannique (1813) - Mark Darlow: Music and the Specificity of Languages: Rousseau and the Problem of Translation - Daniel Hall: ...And what became of The Monk? Lewis's Gothic Novel as a Crossroads of Culture - Anastase Ngendahimana: Flux et reflux du newtonisme dans l'oeuvre de Bernardin de Saint-Pierre - Judith K. Proud: Fair Play of Fair Game? Copyright and the Francophone Literary Press in the Eighteenth Century - Ann Thomson: The Diffusion of English Free Thought in France in the Early Eighteenth Century - Barbara Traxler-Brown: 'Charity sermons and very, very white muslin...': The Diffusion of Claude-Louis Berthollet's Description du blanchiment (Paris, 1789) in late Eighteenth-century Ireland - Suzan van Dijk: Transmission réussie? Jeanne Leprince du Beaumont aux Pays-Bas - Jacques Wagner: Le Journal encyclopédique, une bibliothèque britannique?