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Forty Years of the Fifth French Republic

Actions, Dialogues and Discourses

Maggie Allison and Owen Heathcote

This volume takes advantage of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Fifth French Republic to offer a wide-ranging yet focussed assessment of key issues in France. Acknowledged specialists in a variety of disciplines such as politics, history, economics and cultural studies appraise such issues as citizenship, ethnicity, regional development, youth, gender and justice. In a post-colonial context in which France reassesses her identity and influence at European and global level, contributors foreground not only national or institutional interests, but also suggest alternative perspectives, thus giving voice to some of France's so-called 'others'. Common themes and concerns are thus established across the different discourses, which characterize modern and contemporary France. These are shot through with the preoccupation as to what is, or should be, the nature of the Fifth French Republic.
Contents: Maggie Allison/Owen Heathcote: Introduction - David S. Bell: May 68: Explaining the Power Vacuum in the Early Years of the Fifth Republic - Sharon Collins: The Role of the Parti Communiste Français in the Fifth Republic - Graeme Hayes: Environmental Politics in France: A Place for Single Issue Groups? - June Burnham: Contrasts and Contradictions in French Regional Policy: from de Gaulle to Chirac; from the Treaty of Rome to the Treaty of Amsterdam; from central direction to local cooperation - Françoise Convey: Les Relations France Métropolitaine/Corse au cours de la Cinquième République: Territoires et Discours - Kenneth Dyson: EMU and the Fifth Republic: Craftsmen of Discourse - Margaret Atack: May 58 to May 68: Exile, Alienation and Social Change in Claire Etcherelli's Trilogy - Renate Günther: Outside: The Fifth Republic in the Writing of Marguerite Duras - Christine Fauré: La Représentation des Femmes sous la Cinquième République - Steve Wharton: Progress: what progress? The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement in the Fifth Republic - Chris Warne: La Jeunesse est-elle toujours en crise? The Social Representation of Youth under the Fifth Republic - Helen Trouille: Secrecy, Privacy and Human Rights in the Fifth Republic - David Looseley: The Work and the Person: Discourse and Dialogue in the History of the Ministry of Culture - Catherine Morel: Corporate Patronage of the Arts in the Fifth Republic: Fact or Fiction? - Mairi Maclean: Corporate Governance in the Fifth Republic: Rhetoric and Reality - Hélène Gill: Le Discours de la francophonie comme vecteur de la modernité dans le Maghreb postcolonial: néocolonialisme et autres logiques - Alec G. Hargreaves: Resetting the Margins: Majority Ethnic Perceptions of Immigrant Minorities in France, 1958-1998 - Danielle Robinson: La Représentation de l'islam dans les films arabes, beurs et franco-maghrébins - Leonard R. Koos: Tales of the City: Representing the HLM in Contemporary French Culture - Hugh Starkey: Liberté, Laïcité, Identité. Is the defence of Laïcité in Schools a Threat to the Fifth Republic? - Gino Raymond: Preparing the Sixth Republic?