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Identity and Discursive Practices

Spain and Latin America

Francisco Domínguez

Identity and Discursive Practices: Spain and Latin America focuses on contemporary mutual influences between Spain and Latin America. It examines discursive practices on both sides of the Atlantic specifically in the fields of political economy, identity, literature and gender. Although the Spanish influence is not obvious in all twelve contributions, it is an important component of the substratum from which Latin American culture and identity have both developed over the last five centuries and given rise to a variety of identities and discursive practices. With contributions by academics from Spain, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala and Britain, the book brings together scholarly expertise to examine issues such as masculinity, homosexuality, politics, culture, women's identity, nationalism, poetry, and the current economic influence of Spain in Latin America. Scholars and students of both Latin America and Spain will greatly benefit from Identity and Discursive Practices.
Contents: Francisco Domínguez: Latin America, Spain, the European Union and the United States – Marco Fonseca: Words of Change: The Guatemalan Peace Process and the International Community – Lila Haines: Spanish Investment in Cuba: A Second Coming – Clare Mar-Molinero: Conflicting and Competing Identities: Language and Nationalism in the Spanish-speaking World – Arnd Schneider: Discourses of Ethnic Distinctions in Contemporary Argentina – Geoffrey Kantaris: The Repressed Signifier: The Cinema of Alejandro Agresti and Eliseo Subiela – George Lambie: The Effect of the Spanish Civil War on the Politics and Poetry of César Vallejo – Márcia Hoppe Navarro: The Search for Identity in Latin American Women's Novels of the Eighties – Linda Craig: Decolonising the Mind: Rosario Ferré's «Cuando las mujeres quieren a los hombres» – Alberto Mira: Constructions of Masculinity in the Narratives of Mundonovismo – David Vilaseca: Enjoy Your Symptoms! AIDS as a Source of 'Enjoyment' in Reinaldo Arenas's «Antes que anochezca» – Stephen Wilkinson: Behind the Screen and into the Closet: Reading Homosexuality in the Cuban Revolution through «Conducta impropia», «Antes que anochezca», and «Fresa y chocolate».