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International Security Challenges in a Changing World


Kurt R. Spillmann and Joachim Krause

During the past decade, the nature of world affairs has undergone significant changes unparalleled since the end of World War II. The 1990s have witnessed neither a new «World Order» nor the «End of History.» The new world could rather be characterized as one in which we can find a juxtaposition of order and disorder. It is against this backdrop that this book addresses the future of strategic studies, considering the following four areas: the analysis of the possibilities and opportunities of enlarging the Western zone of co-operatively organized international affairs by including others; the analysis of regional security problems and dynamics; the research into new challenges to security; and an analysis of future instruments and dimensions of security policy.
The book contains contributions by young and promising scholars who are working mostly in the fields of security studies and international relations. Taken together, these contributions provide a good overview of contemporary issues and challenges in the field of security and defense issues and they give excellent examples of where strategic studies should aim.
Contents: Ann Fitz-Gerald: Problems and Prospects in Implementing the Initial Enlargement Round - Barna Zsigmond: Prospects and Problems for the Further Enlargement of NATO - Astrid Scharf: The Arab-Israeli Peace Process: From Madrid to Oslo and Beyond - Carlo Masala: Demographic Pressure and Ecological Restraints: The Case of the Mediterranean - Claude Nicolet: Admitting the Inevitable: A New Approach to the Cyprus Conflict - Mustafa Aydin: Regional Security Issues and Conflicts in the Caucasus and the Caspian Regions - Maree Reid: The Asia-Pacific: A Zone of Co-operative Security or a Hotbed for Conflicts? - Richard A. Falkenrath: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism - Jeffrey P. Bradford: Information Vulnerabilities - Elisabeth Hauschild: Modern and Information Warfare: A Conceptual Approach - Leif Ohlsson: Water Scarcity and Conflict - Gideon Rose: Energy Security and the Middle East - Sonia Lucarelli: Conflict Prevention in Post-Cold War Europe: Lack of Instruments or Lack of Will? - Kori Schake: The Dayton Peace Accords: Success or Failure? - Gilles Carbonnier: The Challenges of Rebuilding War-torn Economies - Anthony Forster: Cooperative Security Structures of the Western World: Challenges to Western Security in the 21st Century.