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Between Russia and the West:- Foreign and Security Policy of Independent Ukraine

Foreign and Security Policy of Independent Ukraine


Kurt R. Spillmann, Andreas Wenger and Derek Müller

The book addresses achievements, challenges and problems of Ukraine's foreign and security policy since 1990/91. Emphasis is put on the often problematic, but presently stable, bilateral relations with Russia as well as Ukraine's policies aimed at enhancing its position in the Central Eastern European region and integration into Western and Euro-Atlantic structures. The book contains contributions by well-known Ukrainian, Russian and Western foreign and security policy analysts such as Olga Alexandrova, Hermann Clement, Anatolii Grytsenko, Taras Kuzio, Arkadiy Moshes, Hryhorii Nemyria, Oleksandr Pavliuk, Oleksandr Potekhin, James Sherr, and others, as well as concluding remarks by the editors. A foreword is dedicated by H.E. Borys Tarasyuk, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
Contents: Olga Alexandrova: The Premises of Ukrainian Foreign and Security Policy – Taras Kuzio: Slawophiles versus Westernizers: Foreign Policy Orientations in Ukraine – Aleksandr Parfionov: Foreign and Security Policy Views of Relevant Ukrainian Political Forces – Anatolii Grytsenko: Ukraine's Defense Sector in Transition: Impacts on Foreign and Security Policy – James Sherr: After Yugoslavia: Whither Ukraine? – Oleksandr Potekhin: The NATO-Ukraine Partnership: Problems, Achievements and Perspectives – Iris Kempe: The European Union and Ukraine: Interests and Strategies – Oleksandr Pavliuk: The Ukrainian-Polish Strategic Partnership and Central European Geopolitics – Aleksandr Levchenko: Ukraine in the Black Sea and Caspian Regions – Ivana Klympush: Ukraine and Russia: Strategic Partnership vs. Mutual Dependence – Arkadiy Moshes: Ukraine and Russia: A Chronic Crisis – Hermann Clement: Economic Aspects of Ukrainian-Russian Relations – Hryhorii Nemyria: Regional Identity and Interests: The Case of Eastern Ukraine.