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Gender Perspectives on Vocational Education

Historical, Cultural and Policy Aspects

Philipp Gonon, Kurt Häfeli, Anja Heikkinen and Iris Ludwig

This volume contains contributions presented at the international conference «Gender Perspectives on Vocational Education» (19-21 August 1999, Aarau). The main focus is on gender aspects in vocational education – particularly health care education – and further education. Authors from different countries discuss the influence of gender on vocational education and present research results and political reform projects. Drawing on international comparisons an outlook on gender equality in the fields of vocational education and work is offered. The articles particularly emphasize how equal rights for men and women can be put into practice in various occupations.
Contents: Anna Borkowsky: Women and Men in Swiss Vocational Education – Silvia Grossenbacher: Women in Basic and Advanced Training – Agnes Weber: How Constitutional Change and Legal Reform Projects Foster Equal Opportunities in the Fields of Vocational Education and Higher Education in Switzerland – Philipp Gonon: Young Women in Swiss Vocational Education and in Business matura (School Leaving Examination) – Kathrin Spring: 16+ - Apprenticeship Project of the Swiss Conference of Gender Equality Delegates. Improving the Prospects of Young Women at the Start of their Professional Careers – Kurt Haefeli: A Long Way to Go - Vocational Schools, Teachers and Teachers’ Education as a Focus for Promoting Gender Equality and Issues – Claudia Crotti: Higher Education for Women in Switzerland during the 19th Century or A History of Inequality – Iris Ludwig: The Swiss/Dutch Institution’s Master in Nursing Science - Promoting Equality in the «Most Female among Women’s Professions?» – Christine Mayer: Deficits of Professionalisation in the Field of Nursing in Germany - an Historical Analysis – Rudolf Husemann: Professional Development and Education in Health and Social Care – Sylvia Rahn: Gender, Social Background and Choice of Profession (Berufswahl) at the Beginning and at the End of the 20th Century: Historical Findings on the Plausibility of the Current Individualisation-Thesis – Dagmar Schulte: Gender-specific Choice of Career among Personal Development, Social Conditions and Educational Intervention – Håkon Høst/Svein Michelsen: The New Careworker - Expanding the Apprentice System into New Fields of Work – Dag Willy Tallaksen: From Housework and Factory to Oil and Caring: Men in Nursing? – Liv Mjelde: From Factory and Housework to Oil and Caring: Changes in Girls’ Education in the Vocational Fields during the Years of Reform 94 – Antony Lindgren: Male and Female Identities in Higher Vocational Education in Sweden – Anja Heikkinen: The Making of the Masters and Mistresses of the Nation? Engineers and Nurses as Occupational Ideals in Finnish VET – Lea Henriksson: Gendering the Theories on Professions - Five Narratives.