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Towards the 21st Century: Trends in Post-Cold War International Security Policy


Kurt R. Spillmann and Andreas Wenger

This book addresses the issue of international security after the end of the Cold War. It looks at the key changes that have taken place since 1989, analyzes the main problems and issues today, and comes up with trends that are likely to shape international security policy in the coming decades.
The book contains two different kinds of studies. In the first part, three leading research institutes offer their views on the development of post-Cold War international security policy. These comprehensive surveys are authored by Mats Berdal (International Institute for Strategic Studies), Curt Gasteyger (Graduate Institute of International Studies) and Gregory F. Treverton, Marten van Heuven and Andrew E. Manning (RAND).
The second part comprises case studies that focus on future challenges in European and American Security Policy. Contributions are made by renowned experts such as John Lewis Gaddis, William I. Hitchcock, Fred Tanner, Pál Dunay, Victor-Yves Ghebali, André Liebich, Yuri Nazarkin, and William C. Wohlforth.
The book concludes with a comparative analysis by the editors who attempt to identify discernible security trends and to raise those unsettled questions whose resolution will be decisive for the development of international security in the 21st century.
Contents: Mats Berdal: International Security after the Cold War: Aspects of Continuity and Change - Curt Gasteyger: Old and New Dimensions of International Security - Gregory F. Treverton/Marten van Heuven/Andrew E. Manning: Driving Forces of International Security - John Lewis Gaddis: Muddling Through? A Strategic Checklist for the United States in the Post-Cold War World - William I. Hitchcock: Prospects for Europe and the Atlantic Alliance at Century's End - Fred Tanner: Conflict Management and European Security: The Problem of Collective Solidarity - Pál Dunay: The European Union Entering the 21st Century - Victor-Yves Ghebali: Ethnicity in International Conflicts: Revisiting an Elusive Issue - André Liebich: East Central Europe: The Unbearable Tightness of Being - Yuri Nazarkin: Security Issues for Russia in the New International Context - William C. Wohlforth: New Security Challenge or Old? Russia's Catch-22.