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Eugène Fromentin: A Life in Art and Letters


Barbara Wright

This, the first biography in English of Eugène Fromentin, seeks to follow on earlier publications focusing on the literary works, the visual art and the correspondence of the nineteenth-century French painter, novelist, traveller and art critic. It gives an overview of the complex relationship between word and image in his writing and in his painting. In particular, Fromentin's correspondence emerges as the power-house of his creative imagination, the addressee frequently prefiguring the viewer or the reader of the finished work of art, in a blend of inter-disciplinary or inter-textual analogies, which sometimes reveal a surprising generative evolution from letters to literature and beyond.
Contents: This biography relates Eugène Fromentin's correspondence to his travel writing, to the evolution of his paintings, to the development of his art criticism and to the echoes of his literary output in some of the last and finest of his letters.