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A Reader in Greek Sociolinguistics

Studies in Modern Greek Language, Culture and Communication

Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Marianna Spanaki

This collection of papers is aimed primarily at students and scholars with an interest in the Modern Greek language and its various applications. It is also intended as an introduction to Greek sociolinguistics. As such, it can be studied in conjunction with introductory books to sociolinguistics. The volume brings together papers that have been published in journals dedicated to Modern Greek studies and international linguistics and in conference proceedings. The selected texts are frequently quoted in publications concerned with sociolinguistics in general and Greek sociolinguistics in particular, and have thus played a part in shaping new directions in the study of Greek language. The papers are grouped in broad thematic categories: language contact, register variation (diglossia), politeness, speaker and context variation (gender in language, youth language, electronic communication), ethnographic approaches.
Contents: Alexandra Georgakopoulou/Marianna Spanaki: Introduction – Peter Trudgill: The Ausbau sociolinguistics of Greek as a minority and majority language – Janet Holmes/Mary Roberts/Maria Verivaki/‘Anahina’ Aipolo: Language maintenance and shift in three New Zealand speech communities – Roula Tsokalidou: Women on the cusp - a case of bilingual women – Margaret Alexiou: Diglossia in Greece – Dimitris Tziovas: Residual orality and belated textuality in Greek literature and culture – Maria Sifianou: On the telephone again! Differences in telephone behaviour: England versus Greece – Theodossia Pavlidou: Cooperation and the choice of linguistic means: some evidence from the use of the subjunctive in Modern Greek – Angélique Petrits: Addressing in Modern Greek: evidence from a case study in the Athens central market – Deborah Tannen/Christina Kakava: Power and solidarity in Modern Greek conversation: disagreeing to agree – Marianthi Makri-Tsilipakou: Interruption revisited: affiliative vs. disaffiliative intervention – Anna Iordanidou/Jannis Androutsopoulos: Youth slang in Modern Greek – Alexandra Georgakopoulou: Self-presentation and interactional alliances in e-mail discourse: the style- and code-switches of Greek messages – Michael Herzfeld: Silence, submission and subversion: toward a poetics of womanhood – Renée Hirschon: Greek adults’ verbal play, or, how to train for caution.