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The Flesh of the Soul: The Body we Work with

Selected Papers of the 7 th Congress of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy, 2-6 September 1999, Travemünde

Michael Heller

This book shows what issues and themes dominate body psychotherapy at the beginning of the new millennium. The focus of the Travemünde Congress, and of this volume, is on how the bodily dimension can be linked with theories that are used in psychotherapy. The selection of authors ensures that this volume allows the reader to have an overview of major trends in this field.
The Editor: Michael Heller was born in 1949, in Paris. He studied experimental psychology in Geneva, where he also trained in Biodynamic psychology. He opened his psychotherapeutical practice in 1976, and he received his Ph.D. in 1982 from the University of Duisburg. He has directed the Laboratory on Affect and Communication in the Geneva department of Psychiatry for 11 years, and is member of the Board of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy.