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The Flesh of the Soul: The Body we Work with

Selected Papers of the 7 th Congress of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy, 2-6 September 1999, Travemünde

Michael Heller

This book shows what issues and themes dominate body psychotherapy at the beginning of the new millennium. The focus of the Travemünde Congress, and of this volume, is on how the bodily dimension can be linked with theories that are used in psychotherapy. The selection of authors ensures that this volume allows the reader to have an overview of major trends in this field.
Contents: Michael Heller: Presentation: the Organism as Physiology, Body, Flesh and Soul – Gerda Boyesen: Body Psychotherapy is a Psychotherapy – Malcolm Brown: The How is Blood-Synergic Direct Touch – Will Davis: Energetics and Therapeutic Touch – Fritz-Albert Popp: Biophysical Aspects of the Psychic Situation – Maarten Aalberse: Graceful Means: Felt Gestures and Choreographic Therapy – Gustl Marlock/Halko Weiss: In Search of the Embodied Self – Bjorn Blumenthal: The Psychotherapist’s Body – Luciano Rispoli: Functional Psychology and the Basic Experience of the Self – Jerome Liss: Maps of Experience – Albert Pesso: The Elusive «I» – Christine Caldwell: Addiction as Somatic Dissociation – Michael Heller/Véronique Haynal-Reymond/André Haynal/Marc Archinard: Can Faces Reveal Suicide Attempt Risks? – Siegfried Frey: New Directions in Communications Research: The Impact of the Human Body on the Cognitive and Affective System of the Perceiver – George Downing: Bodies and Motion.