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Literature, Markets and Media in Germany and Austria Today


Arthur Williams, Stuart Parkes and Julian Preece

Eighteen essays by scholars from Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom examine the interrelationships between literature, markets and media in contemporary Germany and Austria. A series of studies of individual writers (Baumann, Jurek Becker, Jürgen Becker, Brinkmann, Enzensberger, Grass, Hettche, Menasse, Ransmayr, Reichart, Rühmkorf, Strauß, Tekinay, Wander, Wolf) is complemented by broader analyses of the responsibilities of the intellectual in this context, the operation of the ‘Literaturbetrieb’ (the function of literary prizes between the fields of culture and the economy; the perspectives of the publisher in identifying new trends; the book as market commodity), and the impact of ‘Medienwirtschaft’ on literature, society and the theatre. Writers are shown to exploit their knowledge of market and media practices, not least those of the critics in the feuilleton. Responses to the different publics of film, television and literature are illuminated. Discussions of recent works of considerable complexity which reflect and subvert the discourses of the technological age testify to a German-language literature at the turn of the century which is vibrant and attuned to a changing world.
Contents: Stuart Parkes: Introduction: German Authors on the Media – Ralf Schnell: Art, Intellect and Power – Helmut Peitsch: ‘Wer so fernsehtrunken wie ich vorm Glaskasten sitzt, soll nicht mit Steinen werfen’: Peter Rühmkorf’s Tabu I. Tagebücher 1989-1991 – Matthias Uecker: Marketing the Self: Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s rhetorical strategies – Chloe E M Paver: Jesus in the Market Place: Ethical capitalism in Günter Grass’s Unkenrufe – Doris Moser: Authors, Shares and Analyses: The Ingeborg Bachmann Prize as a market for symbolic capital – Laura Ovenden: Writing in the Margin: Elisabeth Reichart’s 'Auseinandersetzung mit Tabubereichen oder mit Verschwiegenem' – David Rock: Jurek Becker as TV Scriptwriter: A former Communist engages with market forces? – Rob Burns: Between Market Assimilation and Cultural Resistance: The migrant writer in the work of Alev Tekinay – Robert Gillett/Astrid Köhler: Manipulating the Medium: Maxie Wander’s Guten Morgen, du Schöne and the concept of ‘Protokolliteratur’ in East and West – Stefan Neuhaus: Modern Inquisition or Democratic Counterweight? The power of the media and the four Christa Wolf 'affairs' – Andrew Plowman: Subject to the Media: The mass media and the autobiographical act in texts by ‘Bommi’ Baumann, Jürgen Becker and Rolf Dieter Brinkmann – Robert Halsall: Christoph Ransmayr’s Morbus Kitahara: An aestheticization of the Holocaust? – Helmut Schmitz: German Unification as Pornographic Nightmare: Thomas Hettche’s Nox – Dieter Stolz: Literature, Market, Media or Mimesis and Simulation: Robert Menasse’s four-volume Trilogie der Entgeisterung – Axel Schalk: The End of Mimesis: Observations on the theatre of the 1990s – Arthur Williams: Botho Strauß’s Defence of the Book against ‘Medienwirtschaft’ and ‘downloadbare Vergangenheit’ – Martin Hielscher: The Return to Narrative and to History: Some thoughts on contemporary German-language literature.