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Regions and Landscapes

Reality and Imagination in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Peter Ainsworth and Tom Scott

The present volume brings together European and American scholars from a range of complementary disciplines (cartographers, economic and social historians, historians of social and political institutions, economic geographers, historians of art and textual analysts), all of whom are interested in exploring potential interconnections between their respective approaches to the study of regions and landscapes, ‘real’ or imagined, in the early modern and medieval periods.
Focusing on the Rhineland and Low Countries, the essays offer a collective, interdisciplinary approach which aims to shed light on at least some of the complexities underlying any attempt to analyse what we might understand by landscape or region in a particular historical context.
Contents: Peter Ainsworth and Tom Scott: Introduction – Margriet Hoogvliet: Mappae Mundi and the Medieval Hermeneutics of Cartographical Space – Joanne Snow-Smith: Late Medieval Artistic Images of the ‘Landscape of Hell’: The Last Judgement and Punishment – Peter Ainsworth: A Passion for Townscape: Depictions of the City in a Burgundian Manuscript of Froissart’s Chroniques – Lisa Deam: Landscape into History: The Miniatures of the Fleur des Histoires (Brussels, B.R. ms. 9231-9232) – Godfried Croenen: Regions, Principalities and Regional Identity in the Low Countries: The Case of the Nobility – Tom Scott: Defining an Economic Region: The Southern Upper Rhine, 1450-1600 – Peter Stabel: Urbanization and its Consequences: The Urban Region in Late Medieval Flanders – Clemens Lesger: Regions, Urban Systems and Historical Central Place Analysis: Holland 1550-1800.