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In Search of an Identity

Essays and Ideas on Anglo-Australians, German-Australians and Others


Peter Weiss

Since the dawn of Australian white settlement, Anglo-Australians, German-Australians and a multitude of other ethnic minorities were (and are) in search of an identity. This study aims to provide some answers to their quest and contains thoughts on other contemporary and historical aspects of life in Australia. It includes an analysis of the pivotal role of the Lutheran Church, from the very beginning inextricably linked to German settlement on the Australian continent. In Search of an Identity is a collection of essays written from the early 1990s to 1998.
Contents: German Immigration to Australia – Myth-making instead of a National Identity – The Question of Nationality – Emigration from Time Immemorial – More about Immigrants, Lutherans and Politics – The Changing Face of the Lutheran Church in Australia – The First and Second World Wars, Internment, and the Elimination of a German Identity – What Now? Australia in Transition.