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Towards a Different Transcendence

Feminist Findings on Subjectivity, Religion and Values


Kune Biezeveld and Anne-Claire Mulder

This collection of papers brings together feminist theologians, philosophers and literary critics from Europe, the United States and Australia. It aims to explore the claim made by feminist thinkers that women need a ‘house of language’ of their own and different forms of transcendence to express their subjectivity and the values they want to live by. In their discussion of this claim this international group of authors uses a variety of sources and theoretical approaches, from novels by Woolf and Morrison to feminist philosophers such as Irigaray and Kristeva, from Daly and Ruether to speculative fiction and pornographic writing, from Italian feminist thinkers to postcolonial theory. Despite this variety the book presents a consistent argument for a ‘house of language’ which is open to the ongoing dialogue about values we want to live by, as well as an example of this dialogue.
Contents: Kune Biezeveld/Anne-Claire Mulder: Introduction – Anne-Marie Korte: Horizons of Subjectivity: Religious Faith and Feminist Identity in Mary Daly’s Writings – Anne-Claire Mulder: A God in the Feminine – Carol Wayne White: Strategic Posit/ioning/s: Poststructuralism, Feminism and Religion – Andrea Günter: Symbolic Materialism and Transcendence. Considerations, emanating from Luce Irigaray, Luisa Muraro, the philosophers of DIOTIMA and the Women of the Women’s Bookstore, Milan – Ina Praetorius: The World as Household and the Household of God – Jeanne Cortiel: Biophilia, Bonding and Bondage: Feminist Theology in a ‘Post-Christian’ Culture – Heather Ingman: The Case of Virginia Woolf: Women, Spirituality and Writing in the Inter-War Period in England – Inez van der Spek: Pregnant with Life and Death. Spirit-Talk in Toni Morrison’s Beloved – Anita Monro: When the ‘Good’ is Not Enough: The Jouissance of Watching/Reading from/for the Subjection of Ambiguity – Gisela Matthiae: Clowness God: A Feminist Deconstruction of the Divine – Kune Biezeveld: God Language as Two-Way Traffic – Mary Keller: Bites, Houses and Loads.