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Old Frontiers – New Frontiers

The Challenge of Kosovo and its Implications for the European Union

Dieter Mahncke

Contents: Javier Solana Madariaga: Foreword – Dieter Mahncke: Questions to be Asked – Alexander Bayerl: Serbia and the Albanian Question in the Context of European History – Orla McBreen: The Diplomatic Involvement of the EU in the Kosovo Crisis – Jens Boysen: Relations Between the EU and Russia in the Diplomatic Process – Tatjana Pirc: The European Union and the Refugee Crisis – Jens Boysen: KFOR – Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz: The Stability Pact – Manuel Szapiro: Will the Kosovo Crisis Rejuvenate CFSP and European Defence? – Daniela Spinanţ: Implications for Transatlantic Relations – Daniela Spinanţ: Implications for the Enlargement Process – Jens Boysen: Implications for EU-Russian Relations – Dieter Mahncke: Lessons to be Learned.