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The Priestly Blessing of the Risen Christ

An Exegetico-Theological Analysis of Luke 24, 50–53


Andrews George Mekkattukunnel

This book breaks new ground for an important text in the Gospel of Luke (24, 50–53), by studying the priestly blessing with regard to its Old and New Testament background and by presenting an exposition of the Lucan theology of blessing. Supported by patristic and liturgical evidence, mainly from the Syriac Orient, the author substantiates his argument that the final blessing of the risen Christ is priestly. While this bible passage has traditionally been interpreted only as a description of the Ascension, the author shows that it also contains the Lucan theology of blessing in a nutshell and argues for a new hermeneutics in Lucan studies.
Contents: What does Luke really convey through the final pericope of his Gospel narrative? How does it conclude the story of Jesus? The ecclesiological, sacramental and liturgical significance of this text.