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Futures Lost

Nostalgia and Identity among Italian Immigrants in Argentina

Arnd Schneider

Argentina received more immigrants relative to the indigenous population than the USA, Canada or Australia. This study explores how among Italians (the largest immigrant group), notions of progress and modernity were displaced by fears of political violence and social decomposition. They now look to the ‘First World’ for new opportunities, including Italy and Spain which prospered after WWII, whilst Argentina went into decline. The book combines new approaches from anthropology and history, and contributes to studies of ethnicity, nationalism, and diasporas.
Contents: Introduction: Who is Italian in Buenos Aires? – The Inversion of Roles: Argentina, National Politics, and Italian Mass Immigration – Metropolis and Modernity: The Lives of Three Italians in Buenos Aires – ‘Making it in Argentina’: The Immigrant Traditions of Four Families – The Controversy about ‘Modernity’ and ‘Progress’: A Discussion between Two Immigrants – Time and Generation: The Young Italo-Argentines in Contemporary Buenos Aires – The Politics of Ethnic Revival – The Repatriation of America.