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Aspects of Diaspora

Studies on North American Chinese Writers


Lucie Bernier

This anthology is a collection of articles by experts in the field on Chinese-American and Chinese-Canadian authors who wrote in English and French. Both established and emerging writers are studied. Thus, it adds a new dimension to our understanding of the development of the Chinese component of a multicultural society in North America through the analysis of the literary production. This book constitutes a part of intercultural studies of our society.
Contents: Margo S. Gewurtz: The Reality of Names: Collective History in Two Chinese Canadian Authors – Lynne van Leuven: Trading Identities in Canadian Fiction – Lucie Bernier: Ecrivains sino-canadiens: une triple altérité – Jianguo Chen: «Cultural Difference» and Trans/national Identification - The Problematic of Contemporary Chinese Diaspora – Te-hsing Shan: Positioning Chinese American Literature - A Perspective from Taiwan – King-Kok Cheung: Of Men and Men: Reconstructing Chinese American Masculinity.