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In Practice

Adorno, Critical Theory and Cultural Studies


Holger Matthias Briel and Andreas Kramer

This collection of papers is about the ways in which Adorno’s work is stimulating new practices in critical theory and cultural studies. The twelve contributors, who are based in Europe, the United States and Asia, approach Adorno from a number of different angles, positions and disciplines, covering literary and film studies, social and political thought, psychology and sociology. The topics chosen by the contributors range from the contradictions of representation to intersubjectivity, from poetry to consumer culture, from aesthetic theory to avant-garde film, from views of Adorno in modern Spain to the impact his work is having on postcolonial thinking in Asia. Each essay is engaged in a re-reading of Adorno, detailing his critical position and exploring his intellectual and historical contexts.
Moreover, in tracing the influence of his ideas, the essays explain why Adorno is such an important voice. Taken as a whole, the essays show ways of productively imagining Adorno, and testify to the lasting relevance and usefulness of his work for a whole range of issues and topics in contemporary theory and cultural studies.
Contents: Holger Briel/Andreas Kramer: Introduction – Josh Cohen: Dialectic of Entanglement: Adorno, Auschwitz, and the Contradictions of Representation – Ben Morgan: Dialectic of Enlightenment: A Missing Link in Histories of the Self – Arne Klawitter: ‘We must produce something that doesn’t yet exist’: Tasks and Problems in Adorno’s and Foucault’s Social Criticism – Ingolfur Blühdorn: From Critical Theory to the Theory of Societal Self-Critique: Ulrich Beck’s Attempt at Saving the Critical Project – Colin B. Grant: Fictions and Counterfactual Ideals in the Concept of ‘Intersubjectivity’ – Holger Briel: Thinking Adorno: The Necessity of Poetry – Michael Spindler: Adorno’s Critique of Veblen – Martin Roiser: The American Reception of The Authoritarian Personality – Amresh Sinha: Adorno on Mimesis in Aesthetic Theory – Martin Brady: Film as Music and Script: Adorno’s Transparencies on Film – Eugenia Afinoguénova: Adorno - a Farce Character, or: The Origins of Cultural Critique in Spain – Rajeev S. Patke: Adorno: An Asian Extrapolation.