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Harmony in Discord

German Women Writers in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Laura Martin

This volume assembles the selected proceedings of a conference held at the University of Glasgow in May 1999 on women writers from L.A.V. Gottsched to Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. These women wrote at a period when writing by women first began to be a strong force in the German-speaking public sphere. As Women’s Studies enters the twenty-first century, these writers can be approached from a variety of angles, which reveal the complexity of their participation in the public discourse from which they are also partially excluded by reason of their gender. As the women writers investigated here largely eschewed outright rebellion against the norms of femininity, their voices might be said to be in harmony – different but not contrary – but moments of discordance can be made out as well. It has been the (explicit or implicit) task of the contributors to this volume to pick out this other voice in contexts where it has not been heard, whether because it has been drowned out by louder voices or because its difference has not before seemed worthy of note.
Contents: Laura Martin: Introduction: Harmony in Discord – Elisabeth Krimmer: A Garden of Her Own? Noble Savages and Superior Europeans in Sophie von La Roche's Erscheinungen am See Oneida (1798) – Christina Ujma: Briefe aus der römischen Freiheit - Dorothea Schlegel in Italien – Paola Bozzi: ‘Heroine of Scholarship’ and Woman Writer: L. A. V. Kulmus Gottsched's Die Pietisterey im Fischbein-Rocke; oder die doctormäßige Frau – Lisa A. Rainwater van Suntum: Minervas of the Eighteenth Century: Women's Voices of Reason among Chattering Hypocrites in Luise Adelgunde Victorie Gottsched's Didactic Comedies – Anne Thiel: From Woman to Woman: Benedikte Naubert's Der kurze Mantel – Sarah Colvin: Bitter Comedy: The Dramatic Writing of Charlotte von Stein – Sarah Colvin: ‘Ein Bildungsmittel ohnegleichen’: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and the Theatre – Andrew Webber: Traumatic Identities: Race and Gender in Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's Die Judenbuche and Freud's Der Mann Moses – Anke Gilleir: On the Presentation of the Body in the Work of Therese Huber and Johanna Schopenhauer – Carol Tully: Droste on the Costa? Cecilia Böhl von Faber: A Parallel Life.