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The Institution of the Eucharist in the Gospel of Mark

A Study of the Function of Mark 14,22-25 within the Gospel Narrative


George Ossom-Batsa

The aim of this study is to illustrate the narrative and pragmatic function of the Institution Account (Mark, 14,22-25) in the Gospel narrative of Mark. A detailed synchronic analysis of the text’s relationship to other pericopes of Mark’s Gospel provides the means for delineating its narrative function, and also showing how it communicates truth and actualises effect. The result of the study is that Mark uses the Institution Account to explain to the reader the deeper significance of the death of Jesus as a διαθήκη and indirectly appeals to him to enter into the covenant of Jesus.
Contents: Eucharist – Covenant – Banquet – Memorial – Gift of the body – Gift of the blood – Passion – Death – Blood – Predictions – Thanksgiving – Kingdom of God – Pragmatic effect – Narrative function – Synchronic – Verbal links – Thematic links – Context – «Cup» – Reader.