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New Religious Movements or Sects

A Theological and Pastoral Challenge to the Catholic Church


Benignus C. Ogbunanwata

When some Nigerians began to show dissatisfaction with the neglect of African values by the Christian missionaries, the established churches did not take them seriously because of their presumed lack of theological education. Today sects proliferate in every corner of the country and present a strong challenge to the established churches.
This study aims to explore the problem of sects in Nigeria, by considering their successes and failures. It examines their contribution to inculturation and evaluates them critically. The independent churches in general and two new Nigerian religious movements in particular – Aladura and the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star – provide the basis for this study. The author analyses these new religious movements and their various theological positions.
Contents: The Traditional and Modern Culture in Nigeria – An Overview of the Religious Situation of Nigeria – A General Sociological View of Sects – The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star – The Aladura Sect (The Church of the Lord Aladura) – The Independent Churches – Reactions of the Catholic Church Towards the Sects – Pastoral Discussion and Consequences – Inculturation and the Christian Denominations in Nigeria.