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Broaching Frontiers, Shattering Boundaries

On Tradition and Culture at the Dawn of the Third Millennium. Proceedings of the 21 st International Congress of FILLM held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 26-30 July 1999

Tom E. Knight

This volume assembles selected papers from the FILLM (Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures Modernes) conference which took place in Harare in 1999. The conference analysed the tensions between local cultural traditions and the emerging ‘unified’ global culture of the third millennium. Is the third millennium the ultimate new frontier? This book discusses the theme of boundaries and frontiers in literature.
Contents: Eva Kushner: Presidential Address – Dieter Sevin: The German Literary Diaspora: Return and Reception in Post-War Germany – Luc Renders: The Diaspora Motif in Recent Afrikaans Prose Texts – Geoffrey V. Davis: Addressing the Silences of the Past: Truth and Reconciliation in Post-Apartheid Theatre – Esther V. Schneider Handschin: ‘For Him Exile Always Meant the Escape into His True Homeland, into the Spirit of Humanity’: On the Cultural Identity of Hermann Broch and Stefan Zweig – Véronique Wakerley: Jules Romains’ ‘Unanimist’ Heroine: Love and the Problem of Urban Solitude – Henriette Roos: Revising Stanley’s Footsteps: Encountering the ‘Other’ in Darkest England (1996) by Christopher Hope – Patricia O’Flaherty: ‘Which Native Land?’: The Pied Noir Writer in Exile – Heinz Wetzel: Mythic Imagery about the ‘Third World’ in German Literature – T.E. Knight: An African Oedipus: The Alien Encounter as Mythic Motif – Ligia Vassallo: Charlemagne in Brazil – Anton Janko: Vida the Beautiful and her Zamorec: The Allure of the Exotic Stranger in Slovene Literature – Meta Grosman: Literary Translation for the Third Millennium – John Milton: The Translation of Mass Fiction: A Study of Brazilian Pulp Fiction.