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The Innovative Firm – A Cybernetic Approach


Lukas Fecker

Innovation management is an often-misunderstood aspect of management. Most management books ascribe successful innovation to outstanding individuals. But most of us know that there are not enough of these outstanding people around to drive development. This book is the first to provide a comprehensive explanation of how an innovative firm can base its success on ‘ordinary’ people. The ability to reinvent products, processes, services, or the firm itself is no longer an art. It becomes a manageable task. The detailed analysis yields valuable information about new ideas and their successful implementation. Innovation strategy, corporate structure, human capabilities and trust are identified as key drivers. Through the integrated approach pursued in the book the reader is also given an explanation of all corporate dimensions. The book provides insights into managed corporate development. By the application of these insights innovation management will become a success story written by ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges.
Contents: Innovation management – Corporate strategy – System dynamics – Viable system model – Entrepreneurship – Corporate Entrepreneur – Innovation Brain – Management of complexity – Market driven strategy – Social capital – Culture – Trust – Human capital – Cybernetics – Corporate simulation – Evolutionary economics – Business models – Structure for innovation.