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Do Incentive Systems for Knowledge Management Work?

An empirical study on the design and influence of incentive systems of knowledge creation and transfer in manufacturing-based industry


Jan Krönig

The author analyzes new ways to bring knowledge management to a practical level. By drawing on different fields of theory, e.g., resource-based view, knowledge-based view and Transaction Cost Economics, the author develops a framework, which shows significant dependencies of the use of incentive systems and knowledge management. In a detailed analysis these incentive systems are broken down in different parts, e.g. target setting, use of monetary and non-monetary incentives, and incentive intensity.
The book is based on an empirical study of 21 companies across Europe and 110 points of contact. Knowledge management experts from different fields have provided information, which helped to focus research and produce results of practical use.
Contents: Knowledge – Knowledge Management – Knowledge Creation – Knowledge Transfer – Incentive Systems – Incentives – Development Departments – Transaction Cost Economics – Resource-based View – Coordination – Motivation.