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Peace Support Operations: Lessons Learned and Future Perspectives


Kurt R. Spillmann, Thomas Bernauer, Jürg Matin Gabriel and Andreas Wenger

This book addresses the experience with international peace support operations in the 1990s and the lessons to be drawn. Renowned international experts analyze, from an academic or practitioner’s view, the key changes that occurred after the end of the Cold War. They discuss international cooperation in peace support operations including civilian and military aspects.
In the post-Cold War era, peace support operations have become an essential instrument for the international community in reacting to crises and stabilizing conflict areas. At the same time, peacekeeping has undergone a fundamental transformation. This conceptual evolution is still under way. In order to improve the international response in future contingencies, it is important to debate the lessons learned.
This book presents different points of view and focuses mainly on the following questions: How has the new conflict environment changed the character of peace support operations? What lessons can be drawn as far as international cooperation is concerned? And how should the various actors cooperate in order to meet these new requirements?
Contents: Mats Berdal: United Nations Peace Operations: The Brahimi Report in Context – John Mackinlay: The Development of Peacekeeping Forces – Wolfgang Biermann: UN, OSCE and NATO: International Division of Labor in Peace Support Operations – Michael Pugh: Civil-Military Relations in International Peace Operations – Bernard Kouchner: A First-Hand Perspective from Kosovo – Klaus Reinhardt: Lessons Learned as Commander KFOR in Kosovo – Jakob Kellenberger: Humanitarian Aspects of International Peace Support Operations: The Experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross – Leonidas A. Evangelidis: International Stabilization and Peace Support: What the European Union Can Contribute – James Appathurai: Peace Support Operations in the Balkans: The NATO Experience – Günther Greindl: Recent Experience with Peace Support Operations: Austria’s View – Bruno Lezzi: Experience as a Newcomer: Switzerland’s Contribution to International Peace Support Operations – Bruno Rösli: Training Soldiers for Peace Support Operations: New Training Requirements and Switzerland’s Approach.