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Culture Agonistes

Debating Culture, Rereading Texts

Theodora Tsimpouki and Angeliki Spiropoulou

Recent developments in cultural and literary discourse have upset traditional certainties and produced a plurality of positions that are often articulated in agonistic terms. Culture Agonistes both reflects this conflictual diversity and engages with the dialogic exchange taking place in cultural locations, discursive contexts and narrative histories. Born out of an International Conference on Culture and American Studies organized by the Hellenic Association for American Studies and the University of Athens (2000), this volume addresses a wide scope of controversial issues. It raises questions about the value of the aesthetic in current artistic and critical practices, the effects of globalization in relation to feminism and postcolonialism, and the imbrication of modernism with gender and consumer culture. Moreover, it highlights the challenges to canonical texts posed by revisionist mythmaking and translatability as well as the destabilizing condition of exilic consciousness. The mix of voices and approaches represented by the contributors indicate their engagement in discursive contestations that seek to transform sites of conflict into sites of revision and innovation.
Contents: Theodora Tsimpouki: Introduction: Time for Agon – Heinz Ickstadt: A Return of the Repressed: The Re-emergence of Aesthetics in American Culture Studies – Alexandra Mouriki: Postmodernism and the End of Art – Angeliki Spiropoulou: Modernity/ism, Gender and Consumer Culture: Gatsby’s Masculinity and The Theory of the Leisure Class – Maria Koundoura: Future Agonistes: The Practice of Criticism/The Politics of Reading in the Age of ‘Posts’ – Mina Karavanta: Rethinking the ‘Post’ at a Global Moment – Lee Quinby: Just in Time Feminism – John G. Blair: Agon: Disciplinary Imperialism in the Intellectual Life of the Western World – Robert Crist: Charioteers of Fire: The Consilience of Derrida, Blake, and Dickinson – Yesim Basarir: Transformation of Evil into Farce: Text of Tension and Dissociation in John Gardner – Greg W. Zacharias: Colloquial Henry James: The Problem of Public and Intimate Language – Martin Heusser: Against the American Grain: Myth and Ideology in the Poetry of E. E. Cummings – Dilek Direnc: Gendered Reinventions and Mythical Revisions in Women’s Texts: Continuities and Intertextualities – Maria Sidiropoulou: Wordplay in Stage Translation – Stephen Tapscott: Bishop’s Defoe’s Crusoe’s Wordsworth: Allusion as the Trope of Exile – Adrianne Kalfopoulou/Nick Papandreou/Rebecca Byrkit/Raman K. Singh: Epilogue: Kitsch Lorraine or (Re)imagining Dislocation.