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Asian Christian Theologians in Dialogue with Buddhism


Kenneth Fleming

This book is a study of three of Asia’s most respected contemporary theologians – Kosuke Koyoma, Choan-Seng Song, and Aloysius Pieris. It gives an introduction to Asian Buddhism and the Christian dialogue with Buddhists in Asia. Furthermore, it examines the work of each theologian in detail, looking at the method and content of their dialogue, and outlining its impact upon their respective theologies. The book provides a critique of their dialogue and engages with the theological issues that have emerged. In areas such as religious identity, theological method and liberation theology it is shown that their conversation with Buddhism contributes to the development of a genuinely Asian theology, and moreover raises important challenges to the worldwide theological community, churches and to those engaged in interreligious dialogue.
Contents: Koyama – C.S. Song – A. Pieris – Interreligious dialogue – Christian-Buddhist dialogue – Asian theology – Asian christology – Asian missiology – Theory and praxis – Religious identity – Asian liberation theology.