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Business, Family and Religion

Public Theology in the Context of the Chinese-Indonesian Business Community

Yahya Wijaya

Studies in various disciplines have discussed the influence of political economy and culture on the ethnic Chinese business. Focusing on the Chinese-Indonesian business community, this book is intended as a contribution to the discussion from the point of view of theology.
Although theological discussions on economic life have been far-reaching, few attempts have been made to give a theological perspective specifically on the ethnic Chinese business practices. This book aims to offer a public theology concerned with particular issues related to the Chinese-Indonesian business context. The focus here is directed particularly to the central position of the family, which characterizes the ethnic Chinese religious, business, political, and social lives. It is argued that a theological approach built upon the concept of the family of God would not only make sense but also have value for the ethnic Chinese, enabling reflection on their political-economic position and economic-cultural virtues.
Contents: Social science theories on the ethnic Chinese business – The historical background of the Chinese-Indonesian community – Contemporary theological discussions on economic life – The approach of the Indonesian Christian Church concerning economic and business issues – Chinese familism and the concept of the Family of God – The implications of Familial theology for political economy and economic culture.