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Yearbook of the Artificial. Vol. 1

Nature, Culture & Technology- Methodological Aspects and Cultural Issues


Massimo Negrotti

The first volume of this series includes papers presented at the IV International Conference on the Culture of the Artificial, held at the University of Urbino in May, 2001. The content of the papers ranges from the attempts to found a general theory and epistemology of the artificial to some accounts of real artificialistic designs and projects; from the analysis of the relationships between human culture and technology to the investigation of the role of the artificial in understanding phenomenologies coming from classical or emerging human activities, including communication, multimedia, art and music.
Contents: Massimo Negrotti: On the logic of the artificial – Syed Mustafa Ali: The nature of the artificial: augmenting Negrottian artificiality with neo-Whiteheadian naturality – Danila Bertasio/Giorgio Marchetti: Invisibility revealed by visibility – Monica Bordegoni/Umberto Cugini: Visual-haptic multimodal human-computer interaction – Mariella Combi: The cultural body and artificial technology – Giuseppe Lanzavecchia: Freedom from the limits of the human condition – Giuseppe O. Longo: Natural-artificial: continuity or discontinuity? – Victor Margolin: Human and machine: issues of collaborative action – Kavita Mehra: Biotechnology towards designing of the life: the culture of the artificial – Sabrina Moretti: Social interaction in artificial societies – Giuseppe Padovani/Romano Zanni: For an epistemology of the artificial – Antonino Porrello: Information society and theory of the artificial – Lars Qvortrup: Digital art and design poetics: the poetical potentials of projection and interaction – Martino Rizzotti: Are humans the sole producers of artificial? – Giacomo Romano: Between artificial and artifact – Yoshihiro Sato: Technology in the shape of culture - Design of information technology for life – David Smith: Communicating tacit knowledge across cultures: a multimedia archive of the Bankura Dhokra craft industry of West Bengal as a case of the artificial.