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Jesus: From Bultmann to the Third World


Dong-Kun Kim

There are at least three factors which cannot be ignored in a modern Christology; the problem of history, the impact of Marxism and the rise of the contextual theology, and the new awareness of the value of world religions. The purpose of this book is to look at how these factors can affect the shape of Christology and how Christology can cope with them. This book analyses the perspective, emphasis and structure of the Christologies of Bultmann, post-Bultmannians, liberation theology and minjung theology which have been formed in different cultures. It also establishes a connection between socio-economic liberation and salvation, and examines the relation of Jesus and other saviours in different cultures and religions.
Contents: The role of the historical Jesus in Bultmann’s Christology – The historical Jesus and the kerygmatic Christ in Käsemann, Fuchs and Ebeling – Liberation and salvation in liberation theology – Relationship between history and faith – Different hermeneutics among Bultmann, post Bultmannians, liberation theology and minjung theology – The historical Jesus and the kerygmatic Christ – The place of Jesus in history – Jesus in Christian tradition and the saviours in other religious traditions.