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Ethics in the Economy

Handbook of Business Ethics


Laszlo Zsolnai

The book aims to provide a comprehensive, new look at business ethics topics and models from a European perspective. Apart from theoretical arguments and empirical data, case studies and games are used to get closer to real life problematics of business. The book is written by leading business ethics professors of the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS).
Chapters of the handbook first describe the central issue and the latest theories and practices. They then introduce new approaches and analyze real world examples. Finally conclusions are provided, which include ethical warning signals, proposals for future research and suggested policy recommendations.
Contents: Laszlo Zsolnai: New Agenda for Business Ethics – Peter Ulrich: Ethics and Economics – Laszlo Zsolnai: The Moral Economic Man – Hans De Geer: Business and Society – Aloy Soppe: Ethical Theory of the Firm – Eleanor O’Higgins: The Stakeholder Corporation – Muel Kaptein/Johan Wempe: Ethical Dilemmas of Corporate Functioning – Albert Bandura/Gian-Vittorio Caprara/Laszlo Zsolnai: Corporate Transgressions – Josep Lozano: Organizational Ethics – Antonio Tencati: Managing Sustainability – Martin Büscher: Ethics of the Market – Zsolt Boda: International Ethics and Globalization – Mette Morsing/Peter Pruzan: Values-based Leadership – Laszlo Zsolnai: Future of Capitalism.