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Gay and Lesbian Cultures in France


Lucille Cairns

This volume of essays originated in but is not restricted to the proceedings of the ‘Gay Cultures in France’ conference held at the University of Stirling in April 1999. While the focus is clearly on French theory and experience, the first section of the volume transcends national borders, as do many elements of the subsequent chapters. The chapters examine various dimensions of the lives of gay men and women in contemporary France, both as subjects and objects of text (written, cinematic, and graphic), of political discourse, of social formations, and, in the era of AIDS, of medical and health-care institutions. The book is divided into three sections. The first provides theoretical overviews from intellectuals of international distinction: David Halperin and Christopher Robinson. The second section deals with social, political, and health-care issues of major significance to French gay men and women. The third, and longest, section, explores a range of textual inscriptions – from film, literature, theory, and bande dessinée – of lesbian and gay desire and experience.
Contents: Lucille Cairns: Introduction – David M. Halperin: Gay identity after Foucault – Christopher Robinson: Identity and the pragmatics of reading – Michael Sibalis: ‘La Lesbian and Gay Pride’ in Paris: community, commerce and carnival – Steve Wharton: Pédés, PACS et pognon: establishing a community of French gay citizens? – Alastair Duncan: Gay men in the French AIDS-prevention campaigns, 1987-1998: a place in the Republic? – Pierre-Olivier de Busscher: Transformations du champ de l’homosexualité en France (1989-1998) – Rommel Mendès-Leite/Bruno Proth: Les volontaires de la lutte contre le sida: statut sérologique et paradoxes de l’engagement (Le cas du groupe de prévention gay de l’association Aides-Paris) – Hélène de Monferrand: Une fin heureuse – Margaret-Anne Hutton: No gun, but still pleased to see you: Anne Rambach’s Tokyo ‘polar’ trilogy – Lucille Cairns: Identity or difference? The ontology of lesbianism in contemporary French realist fiction – Marie-Hélène Bourcier: Material girls en guerre contre Madonna et ‘le queer’: le ‘woman-identified’ lesbianisme radical en France de 2002 à 1980 – Gareth Lynn: Looking for the Other: gay men and AIDS films – Owen Heathcote: S(h)aming the Other: repetition, abjection and the culture of redemption in Vincent Borel’s Un ruban noir, Guillaume Dustan’s Dans ma chambre and Éric Jourdan’s Sexuellement incorrect – Ian H. Magedera: Jean Genet and the ontological perversion of sexual desire – Douglas Morrey: Tricks and risks: Hervé Guibert’s L’Incognito, or the dynamics of contagion – Murray Pratt: The diary of Neaud’s body: approaching the subject of heterocentricity.