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Meantone is Beautiful!

Studies on Tunings of Musical Instruments

Reinhart Frosch

Dieser Titel wurde im Herbst 2004 mit einer Anerkennungsurkunde der Stiftung ‘Kreatives Alter’ ausgezeichnet.
On organs, harmonicas, and music synthesizers, the old quarter-comma meantone tuning system yields chords which are more beautiful than those of the equal temperament favoured today. That is true not only for music of the 16 th and 17 th centuries, but also for light music of our times. This book attempts to define the beauty of the quarter-comma meantone temperament by means of scientific arguments, at a level also understandable by non-scientists. A highlight of the book is the description of new experiments and theories concerning the sensory consonance or dissonance of musical two-tones.
This English translation is based on the third edition of the German original.
Contents: Mathematical and Acoustical Elements – Elements of Music Theory – Diatonic Tunings – Chromatic Tunings – Meantone Tuning of Various Instruments – Analysis of Musical Scores – Tuning Tables.