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Transformation of Resource Conflicts: Approach and Instruments

Günther Bächler, Kurt R. Spillmann and Mohamed Sulimann

Contents: Mohamed Suliman/Kurt R. Spillmann/Günther Baechler: Environment and Co-operation in the Horn of Africa – Eva Ludi: Household and Communal Strategies Dealing with Degradation of and Conflicts over Natural Resources. Case Studies from the Ethiopian Highlands – Iyob Tesfu: Management of Conflicts Arising from Contending Demands for Land, Water, Wood, and Related Natural Resources. Resettled Returnees vs. Resident Communities and Commercial Farms at Gahtelai – Mohamed Suliman: Resource Access, Identity, and Armed Conflict in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan – Medhane Tadesse: Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution versus State Intervention. The Borana Oromo and Merihan Somalis in Ethiopia – Iyob Tesfu: Urbanization, Resource Sharing, and Conflict Management in Eritrea. Socioeconomic and Ecological Impact of the Expansion of Asmara on the Satellite Villages – Lia Ghebreab: Conservation and Development Interactions. The Case of Semienawi Bahri – Seyoum Gebre Selassie/Tesfu Baraki: Determinants and Consequences of Environmental Conflict in North Shoa, Central Ethiopia – Atta El-Battahani: Tribal Peace Conferences in Sudan. The Role of the Joudiyya Institution in Darfur, Western Sudan – Yacob Arsano: Conflict Management over Water Rights in Ethiopia. The Case of the Woiyto Valley in Southern Ethiopia – Andemichael Misgina/Zerabruck Tesfamariam: Microdam Water Management and Common Use by Neighboring Villages in the Eritrean Highlands. A Case Study – Günther Baechler: Transformation of Resource Conflicts. Approach and Instruments.