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Brazil at a Crossroads

An Evaluation of the Economic, Political and Social Situation

Carlos Thomaz G. Lopes

This study presents a thorough assessment of Brazil’s economy and society combining psychological, economic and sociological insights. Starting with a lucid description of Brazil’s past and present social reality – including such essential aspects as health, education and cultural identity of the Brazilian population – the author outlines the main dilemmas which Brazil is facing today.
He then moves on to the practical agenda with special emphasis on the country’s role in the global economy. The author’s main objective is to introduce adequate instruments which support Brazil on its quest to greater stability and better education.
Contents: Combining the Economy, Society and the Individual – Elements of Economic Reality – Elements of Social Reality – Equality and Efficiency – The Economy: Theories and Vectors of Growth – Politics: Major Characteristics - Government – The Social Factor: A Profile of the Brazilian People – The Psychological Input – Stability – Education and Openness – Implementation.